Doctor's School Excuse $10
Doctor's Work Excuse -$15


School Notes & Work Notes signed by a doctor 

Advocating for a fast, fair, cost-effective solution to the school/work excuse requirement. 

We are here to provide a cost-effective and practical option for the busy working parents and blue collar workers required to have a "doctor's note" to avoid problems at school or work.

Our company was founded by an emergency room doctor that noticed a high number of patients that came to the ER and paid a copay and waited for hours to be seen but only needed a note. 

The service provided here is meant to ease the burden of high health care costs and make life easier for the hard working Americans that don't have time to sit in a doctor's office or emergency room waiting for hours. The notes are customizable completely legitimate. All will be signed by one of our staff M.D.'s and then sent to your email for easy printing. 





school excuse notes

The basic "back to school" note required across the country for grade school. The only things needed are the name and date to return. Signed by a licensed physician. 

work excuse notes

Simple and professional with authentic physician signature.Provide name and date to return. 

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